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New Releases 10.03.18

by Adrian Walshe on Mar 10, 2018

New Releases 10.03.18

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NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS -It's A Beautiful World - 12" €11.99

Ltd Edition Yellow Vinyl

Limited Yellow Vinyl 12". Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds release new single It’s A Beautiful World – the second to be taken from the Number 1 album Who Built the Moon?, following the success of the first single Holy Mountain. The hypnotic track features ambient electronica and sharp production from acclaimed producer, DJ and composer David Holmes, and a French spoken word segment inspired by Gallic art house cinema. Producer David Holmes says: “The track had so much space and was feeling great. After Noel wrote the song he asked me about getting a French vocalist to do some kind of spoken word, so I called my friend Charlotte Courbe and played her an extract from a French short film that I always loved and wanted to borrow from. She then produced an astounding piece of writing that contrasted Noel’s song and music so beautifully.” It comes backed by It’s A Beautiful World (Instrumental) and God Help Us All (Demo).

KING GIZZARD and the LIZARD WIZARD - Polygondwanaland - LP €23.99 (Heavenly)

LP pressed on 180g vinyl with digital download code included.

With an insanely prolific year, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard return with their twelfth album, Polygondwanaland to journey into the depths of the mind and the limits of the universe. The Australian 7-piece have made a name for themselves with a steady stream of new material since their inception 2010, blending everything surf rock, prog, soul, folk, metal, garage rock, and even elements of spoken word and cinematic presentation, creating a large buzz and rabid fanbase stretching far across the globe from their Melbourne roots. this album is full of the psychedelic rock outfit's jazz and groove laden jams.

YOUNG FATHERS - Cocoa Sugar - LP €21.99 (Ninja Tunes)

Limited edition blue vinyl LP includes download code.

(Ninja TunMercury Music Prize winners Young Fathers return with their third album ‘Cocoa Sugar’, a twelve track album

‘Cocoa Sugar’ follows the group’s previous two albums ‘DEAD’ and ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’. Written and recorded throughout 2017 in the band’s basement studio and HQ, ‘Cocoa Sugar’ sees Young Fathers operating with a newfound clarity and direction and is without doubt their most confident and complete statement to date.

EDITORS - Violence - LP €31.99, CD €12.99 (PIAS)

Special edition deluxe LP is pressed on 180g red vinyl and contains a digital download code including the two bonus tracks. The vinyl sits inside a triple gatefold sleeve, which also contains 12 inserts.

Album number six from the British indie-rock 5-piece.

ONEIDA - Romance - LP €23.99 (Joyful Noise)

Red limited edition red vinyl.

Oneida has been a cornerstone of the Brooklyn underground for nearly two decades. Always evolving, the group has been a beacon of musical exploration and enthralling unpredictability, gaining legendary status among heads that know and expanding the limits of what it means to be a rock band. With a discography spanning over a dozen full-lengths, plus live releases, EPs, singles, and limited one-offs, Oneida has demonstrated a mastery of collective improvisation, off-kilter songwriting, complex composition, and everything in between

HAILU MERGIA - Lala Belu - LP €21.99 (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

Legendary Ethiopian keyboardist's first album in 15 years on the always great Awesome Tapes label.

MINISTRY - Amerikkkant - LP €23.99

AmeriKKKant is the fourteenth studio album by industrial metal band Ministry. With a new line up, incredibly full sound, and some might say a return to the roots of Ministry, the band have released a record that is socially relevant and sonically effective.

DAVID BYRNE - American Utopia - LP €21.99 (Nonesuch)

The album, which is part of Byrne’s Reasons To Be Cheerful series, is his first solo LP in nearly 15 years. American Utopia includes collaborations with Brian Eno, who helped developed the album in its early stages, as well as producer Rodaidh McDonald alongside contributors Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Jam City, and Sampha. Its vinyl release features cover art by Purvis Young and an exclusive 8″x11″ print facsimile of a handwritten lyric sheet from its first single ‘Everybody’s Coming To My House’, which Byrne co-wrote with Eno.

TOM WAITS - Closing Time - LP €21.99 (ANTI)

Newly Remastered by Waits and Brennan on 180g Vinyl with Download

Closing Time is the debut record of Tom Waits and it foreshadows the distinctly lyrical storytelling and original blending of jazz, blues and folk styles that would come to be associated with the artist. Waits performs enduring classics of his career such as Ol’ 55 (covered by the Eagles), the heartbreaking “Martha” and the gentle acoustic folk of “I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You”.

All of Tom Waits’ Elektra Asylum releases are set to be reissued on vinyl in 2018 via his label, ANTI-Records.

Beginning with 1970 debut Closing Time, the series will continue with The Heart Of Saturday Night (1974), Nighthawks At The Diner (1975), Foreign Affairs (1977), Blue Valentine (1978), Heartattacks And Vine (1980), and personal favourite, the smoked-out, jazzy opus Small Change(1976).

NICO - Chelsea Girl - LP €34.99 (Polydor)

Pressed on 180gram vinyl with digital download code.

Back To Black vinyl reissue of Nico's debut full solo album Chelsea Girl, originally released in 1967. The album famously features the then-unknown singer/songwriter Jackson Browne (guitar), Lou Reed (guitar), Sterling Morrison (guitar/bass), and John Cale (piano/bass/viola).

SERGE GAINSBOURG - Intoxiated Man - 2 x LP €20.99 (Le Chant Du Monde)

Double LP includes download code.

Serge Gainsbourg, the French synonym for cool, brought the French tradition of chanson and rock music together in a unique and hip amalgam. Chant du Monde have brought together a specially curated collection of songs from the zenith of Gainsbourg’s career, 1958 - 62, released on vinyl with original artwork.

JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS - L.A.M.F. The Lost '77 Mixes - LP €18.99 (Jungle Records)

The Heartbreakers (Johnny Thunders, Walter Lure, Billy Rath & Jerry Nolan) were formed in 1975 out of the ashes of the New York Dolls.

Killer punk rock!

2017 remaster version.

ZOMBIE PICNIC - Rise Of A New Ideology - LP €20.99 (GSR8)

Limited Edition Vinyl.

Post rock instrumentals from Limerick.

THE VELVET UNBDERGROUND - 1969 - LP €29.99 (Polydor)

This vinyl reissue of The Velvet Underground's 1969 (not to be confused with 1969 Live) compiles 1969-era Velvet Underground classics, including some rare mixes, instrumentals and alternate takes on official vinyl for the first time. Lou Reed, Doug Yule, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker spent much of their time on the road in ’69 resulting in the “lost” live album 1969 Live. Several original 1969 mixes from this era are featured here including “Foggy Notion,” “I’m Sticking with You,” “Andy’s Chest,” “I’m Gonna Move Right In,” and “Ocean,” as well as 2014 mixes of “One of These Days,” “Lisa Says,” and more.

180 gram vinyl with digital download code.

Selection of electronic LPs and 12" include:

WHAT SO NOT - Not All The Beautiful Things - 2 x LP €26.99 (Sweat It Out)

What So Not (formerly a collaborative duo with Flume) is the solo project of Australian producer Emoh Instead, releasing here his debut album, ‘Not All The Beautiful Things’, via Counter Records.

‘Not All The Beautiful Things’ includes collaborations with Skrillex, Toto, Daniel Johns, Rome Fortune and writing from Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma).

CHUCK BERRY - Roll Over Beethoven - 2 x LP €20.99 (Le Chant Du Monde)

180g double vinyl with digital download insert. The ultimate Chuck Berry rock ‘n’ roll album, 28 original tracks that established the foundations of rock ‘n’ roll.

JACQUES BREL - Ne Me Quitte Pas - 2 x LP €20.99 (Le Chant Du Monde)

24 songs selected from the most moving (‘Ne me quitte pas’, ‘Le Plat pays’, ‘Quand on a que l’amour’, ‘Au printemps’) and most caustic (‘Les Flamandes’, ‘La Valse à Mille Temps’, ‘Madeleine’, ‘Bruxelles’) of his oeuvre.

Double LP includes download code.

EDDIE COCHRAN - Twenty Flight Rock - 2 x LP €20.99 (Le Chant Du Monde)

The definitive rock ‘n’ roll album by the mighty Eddie Cochran, the wildest in a wild generation of rockers. Prematurely dead at the age of 21, it took Eddie only three years and 32 titles to dynamite the universe of rock ‘n’ roll.

Double 180g vinyl includes download.


ALEX S - Neverending EP - 12" €11.99 (Made Of Concrete)

Kicking off the release in style, - Consciousness Outline' lays down the groundwork for a solid slice of punchy techno. Featuring a minimal array of elements, which aptly intertwine instead of seeing new layers pile up, it's a gradual build up of a powerful groove. Hypercolour & Soma Records alum Roberto Clementi takes on remix duties, revamping - Consciousness Outline' into a cavernous techno affair. Switching the main focus on the percussive leads proves a good venture, as it results into a piece with major dance appeal. - Penny Drop' dives in with a spacious loop, which keeps centre stage throughout the entire construction. Overall, it's an airy track, with ample pads and a loose yet gripping melody. - Neverending' rounds off the pack in an atmospherical, upbeat fashion. Ascending synth pads make for an uplifting ambiance, all set on a backbone of electrifying percussion.

ANSWER CODE REQUEST - Gens - 2 x LP €25.99 (Ostgut Ton)

Answer Code Request returns with his sophomore album Gens on Ostgut Ton, entering darker but equally bass-heavy territory.

" a dark and driving work that peers into the depths of what techno can be...."

DEETRON - DJ Kicks - 2 x LP €26.99 (K7)

Music from Chicago and Detroit features prominently in the Swiss artist’s mix,

DJ-Kicks start 2018 in fine style with another vital entry into their long running series. The latest comes from Swiss DJ and producer Deetron , and features an exclusive solo track as well as exclusive collaborations with Steve Spacek, Jinadu and Jamie Lidell.

“Over the years I have worked on bringing techno and soulful vocals together and I wanted to represent that in the mix,” Deetron says. “On the technical side of things, the mix represents my work as a producer and remixer as well as my aim to recreate tracks using three decks when DJing. A large part of the mix was recorded using three decks but I also included a section which I approached more like a production or remix.”

THE FEAR RATIO (James Ruskin and Mark Broom) - Live EP - 12" €9.99 (Skam)

New E.P. from The Fear Ratio (Mark Broom & James Ruskin) featuring exclusive versions of tracks taken from the album “Refuge of A Twisted Soul” made in preparation for live sets.


TOMMY McCOOK & the AGROVATORS - Super Star Disco Rockers - LP €17.99 (Pressure Sounds)

Trained at the Alpha Boys School, and a founding member of the Skatelites, Tommy McCook recorded and arranged for Coxone Dodd's Studio One and Duke Reid's Treasure Isle in the 1960s. In the seventies, McCook recorded extensively for Bunny Lee, and ‘Super Star Disco Rockers’ is a strong showcase for his meditational style of playing.

BUNNY LEE & the ARGROVATORS - Presents Super Dub Disco Style - LP €17.99, 2CD €13.99 (Pressure Sounds)

Bunny 'Striker' Lee latest reissue set, recorded at Channel One, Dynamic, Joe Gibbs and Harry J's features the cream of Jamaica's musicians and is mixed by Pat Kelly at King Tubbys and Barnabas at Channel 1. The CD edition includes the Tommy McCook 'Super Star Disco Rockers'.

Selection of Pressure Sounds 45s

CORNELL CAMPBELL - Give the little Man a big hand/Version - 7" €8.99

AL BROWN - Ain' No Love/Dubs in the City - 7" €8.99