WORLD PARTY - Dumbing Up (2021 Reissue) - 2LP - 180g Vinyl

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WORLD PARTY - Dumbing Up (2021 Reissue) - 2LP - 180g Vinyl

WORLD PARTY - Dumbing Up (2021 Reissue) - 2LP - 180g Vinyl

€28.99 €13.99


LABEL: Seaview


BARCODE: 859523001151



1. Here Comes The Future
2. What Does It Mean Now?
3. Another 1000 Years
4. I Thought You Were A Spy
5. All The Love That’s Wasted
6. Best Place I’ve Ever Been
7. Santa Barbara
8. Nothing Lasts Forever
9. High Love
10. I Want To Be Free
11. Words
12. Who Are You?
13. You’re A Hurricane, I’m A Caravan
14. See The Light
16. Photograph
17. Little Bit Of Perfection
18. Til I Got You
19. Always On My Mind

WORLD PARTY – Dumbing Up
[2021 Reissue]

2LP – 180g Vinyl

Dumbing Up is the fifth studio album by World Party, released in 2000. Dumbing Up marks the return of Karl Wallinger and World Party, recapturing the magic of previously acclaimed efforts such as Goodbye Jumbo and Bang!. During World Party’s hiatus interest in the band has grown after their song “She’s The One” became a worldwide hit for British pop star Robbie Williams.

Dumbing Up reaffirms World Party’s Lennonesque knack for memorable melodies and a hopeful perspective, featuring lead single “What Does It Mean Now?”, the prescient “Who Are You?”, “See The Light” and the anguished epic “Always On My Mind”.