WEVAL - Remember - 2LP - Gatefold Vinyl [MAR 3]
WEVAL - Remember - 2LP - Gatefold Vinyl [MAR 3]
WEVAL - Remember - 2LP - Gatefold Vinyl [MAR 3]

WEVAL - Remember - 2LP - Gatefold Vinyl [MAR 3]

Label: Technicolour SKU: Catalogue ID: TCLR041 Format: Vinyl
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WEVAL - Remember - 2LP - Gatefold Vinyl [MAR 3]

WEVAL - Remember - 2LP - Gatefold Vinyl [MAR 3]



2LP - 140g Black Vinyl housed in a Gatefold Sleeve with a matte varnish finish. Artwork and Creative Direction by Leif Podhajsky. Includes MP3 download card.

Amsterdam-based duo Weval (made up of Harm Coolen & Merijn Scholte Albers) announce their long awaited new album “Remember”, out 3rd March on Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour. With the announcement the duo share a new single “Don’t Lose Time”. The album embarks on a high energy journey of nostalgic memories and euphoric emotions, seeing the electronic duo reminisce on their own musical journey while reflecting on key influences and inspiration over the years. “We played and embraced this with unshameful nostalgic feelings around discovering music as young music fans” they commented.

Remember’ plays around with memory and its ability to distort. As Weval elaborate, “Time is constantly escaping you and when you look back, memories distort - sometimes negatively, sometimes fake, sometimes euphoric and romanticised.” This central theme is explored in sonic contrasts as Weval employ heavily contorted beats with the potential to destroy speakers, only to be salvaged from the brink of collapse by melodically hopeful chords. Their new bombastic sound came as a result of new songwriting methods that saw Weval mashing together seemingly disparate ideas that held completely different lives and energies. Elements of pop, dance and every genre in between are thrown in and whittled down to make their most intense, spontaneous and substantial work to date.

The upcoming album follows on from the 2022 singles "Never Stay For Love", featuring Dutch singer-songwriter Eefje de Visser, and “Forever”. Both tracks offered early previews to ‘Remember’, leaning on highly textured, driving and sophisticated electronica which the duo have become widely known for.


1. Remember
2. Everything Went Well

1. Losing Days
2. Where It All Leads
3. Don’t Lose Time

1. Never Stay For Love
2. Day After Day
3. Changed For The Better

1. I Saw You
2. Is That How You Feel It
3. Forever