VOLUMES - Happier? - LP - Sea Glass Green Vinyl

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Label: Concord SKU: 18028 Catalogue ID: 7228582 Format: Vinyl
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VOLUMES - Happier? - LP - Sea Glass Green Vinyl

VOLUMES - Happier? - LP - Sea Glass Green Vinyl

€27.99 €20.99


LABEL: Concord

CAT NO: 7228582

BARCODE: 0888072285828



01. FBX
02. Malevolent
03. Bend
04. Get Enough
05. Lets Me Down
06. Man On Fire
07. Weighted
08. See You Again
09. Into You (Hurt)
10. Void
11. Happier?

VOLUMES – Happier?

LP – Limited Edition Sea Glass Green Vinyl

Life moves in cycles. As things change and morph over time, it circles back to key points and offers second chances. Volumes find themselves at such a point in 2020. After four years apart, the group – Myke Terry [vocals], Raad Soudani [bass], and Nick Usich [drums] – reconvenes with original vocalist Michael Barr. In doing so, they perfect a boundary-breaking balance of guttural grooves, magnetic melodies, proficient metal, and unbridled hardcore.

In essence, the guys pick right up with they left off in 2015…In 2010, Volumes burst out of the gate with The Concept of Dreaming EP. The hypnotic and hard-hitting Via [2011] and No Sleep [2014] inspired the enthusiasm of a diehard fan base. After parting ways with Barr during 2015, the band maintained its prolific output on Different Animals [2017] and the Coming Clean EP [2019].

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