VARIOUS - Ska La-Rama - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]

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VARIOUS - Ska La-Rama - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]

VARIOUS - Ska La-Rama - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]



LP - Black Vinyl. Limited RSD23 Edition

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In celebration of what would have been the year of Duke Reid’s 100th birthday, this collection gathers 14 of the legendary Treasure Isle supremo’s rarest and most collectable ska productions.

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[RSD 2023 Exclusive Edition] 


A1. Skalarama (The Magnificent Seven Theme)
A2. Renegade
A3. Around the Corner
A4. Jo Ann
A5. Verona
A6. Run Joe
A7. My True Confession

B1. I Can't Do the Ska
B2. Forty Miles of Bad Road
B3. You Wish Me Bad
B4. Storm Warning
B5. Oh Misery
B6. Western Flyer (Road to Nowhere)
B7. Wake Me, Shake Me