VARIOUS - Hillbillies In Hell: Volume XII - LP - Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

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VARIOUS - Hillbillies In Hell: Volume XII - LP - Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

VARIOUS - Hillbillies In Hell: Volume XII - LP - Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

€39.99 €19.99


RELEASE DATE: July 17th, 2021
LABEL: Iron Mountain Analogue Research
BARCODE: 934334409546



Elton Britt – Lost Highway
Porter Wagoner – Fairchild
Justin Tubb – The Great River Road Mystery
Sanford Clark – It’s Nothing To Me
Johnny Paycheck – You’ll Recover In Time
Stonewall Jackson – Somebody’s Always Leaving
Porter Wagoner And Dolly Parton – The Party
Buddy Starcher – When Payday Comes
Tommy Curtis And Bill Taylor – Devil’s Stumbling Block
Jody Reynolds – Devil Girl
Henson Cargill – Going Backwards
Lorrie Collins – Another Man Done Gone
Bobby Braddock – Revelation
Stonewall Jackson And The Brentwood Children’s Choir – That’s All This Old World Needs
The Speer Family – You Can’t Run Away From God
The Singing Rambos – When Payday Comes”

– Hillbillies In Hell: Volume XII
(Country Music’s Tormented Testament)

LP – Limited Edition Black Vinyl

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A desperate, desert-baked Midnight Highway of Lost Souls, Cuckolds, Wastrels, blistering Righteous Anthems and delirious Apocalyptic Fever-Dreams. This sublime collection of knowns and unknowns, battered Nashville legends and forgotten backwoods-poets features tales of Grisly Barroom Homicides, Jilted Lustmords, Grim Divorcees in Bedlam and Fiery Suburban Infanticides. Often originally waxed and distributed in unrewarding amounts, these Troubled Troubadours sing of Cowardice, Infidelity, Spurned Lover’s Suicide Pacts, Tortured Jailbirds, Vengeful Inebriates and dubious Parenting Skills.

Years in the making – ‘Hillbillies In Hell’ (Volume XII) presents 16 timeless tribulations – Sinful Seductresses, Grinding Poverty, Nihilistic Murderous Horrors, Satan’s Eternal Maze of Hardships and Temptations and God’s blazing Light of Redemption.

A dank yet at times uplifting stash of marginal 45s – some of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your prurient listening pleasure.

See below for tracklisting…