VARIOUS - Algo Salvaje Volume 3 - Untamed 60s Beat And Garage Nuggets From Spain - 2LP - Vinyl

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VARIOUS - Algo Salvaje Volume 3 - Untamed 60s Beat And Garage Nuggets From Spain - 2LP - Vinyl

VARIOUS - Algo Salvaje Volume 3 - Untamed 60s Beat And Garage Nuggets From Spain - 2LP - Vinyl



 2LP – Black Vinyl

(Housed in a Gatefold Sleeve.)


The long awaited third volume of the Algo Salvaje series, featuring untamed 1960s beat and garage nuggets from Spain. Algo Salvaje is an anthology devoted to a rich period when hundreds of bands appeared all over Spain and, after paying attention to what their US and British contemporaries were doing, found their own way to vent their teenage rebellion through loud guitars. With amazing results! Many of the 28 tracks are reissued for the first time, including very hard-to-find records.


This double LP gatefold package includes extensive notes by Vicente Fabuel featuring all the original record sleeves and artist photos. Algo salvaje” (“Something Wild”), now reaching its third volume, celebrates the darkest, neglected and rebellious side of Spanish beat. Internationally labelled as nuggets (after the original compilation of the same name concocted by Jac Holzman and Lenny Kaye in 1972 for the Elektra label), the more common garage rock label has been used to place and describe one of the most fertile chapters of rock and roll history during its most creative years. An underground story which has luckily become known, with participants from all around the globe which included anonymous musicians, independent record labels with impossible names and ridiculously limited pressings, often not more than a few hundred copies.


The tracks chosen for the occasion, a selection filtered strictly by their musical value, adhere to the rules of the classic nugget genre while demonstrating the permeability of garage sound and its inevitable evolution at the turn of the decade (1967-1974) through mixes that embraced psychedelia, soul and even prog rock. Epic and pretty wild. Just the kind of material that this record label usually handles.


Features Los Gatos, Los Joviales, Los Geminis, Los Gatos Negros, Los Tiburones, Los Bohemios, Els 4 Gats, Los Pirombodas, Los Watts, Los Flecos, Locomocion, Es Amics, Els Xocs, Los Pasos, Los Diana, Los Pajaros Locos, Los Nivram, Los Brujos, Los Shakers, Los Yunios’s, Los Zooms, Atardecer, Los Protones, Los Yetis, Los No, Bertas, Los Faros, and Los Watusi.



01. Los Gatos – Tiggy

02. Los Joviales – Libre De Ti

03. Los Geminis – Eres Algo Salvaje

04. Los Gatos Negros – Ring Dag Doo (Anillo De Voodoo)

05. Los Tiburones – Tacones Altos

06. Los Bohemios – Qué Chica Tan Formal

07. Els 4 Gats – El Miner

08. Los Pirombodas – Esperaré

09. Los Watts – Al Rojo Vivo

10. Los Flecos – Correr

11. Locomocion – Mentirosa

12. Es Amics – Un Romántico Amor

13. Els Xocs – Mes Énllà

14. Los Pasos – Nací De Pie

15. Los Diana – Minifalda

16. Los Pajaros Locos – Silvia

17. Los Nivram – Un Amor Sin Igual

18. Los Brujos – Solo Quiero Amor

19. Los Shakers – Me Reiré

20. Los Yunios’s – Miguel

21. Los Zooms – Algo Más

22. Atardecer – Escúchame

23. Los Protones – No Te Dejaré

24. Los Yetis – Montaña Y Mar

25. Los No – La Llave

26. Bertas – Me Has Perdonado Por Fin

27. Los Faros – Golpes

28. Los Watusi – Bohemio