VANGELIS - Juno To Jupiter - 2LP - Vinyl

Label: Decca SKU: 16787 Catalogue ID: 4855038 Format: Vinyl
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VANGELIS - Juno To Jupiter - 2LP - Vinyl

VANGELIS - Juno To Jupiter - 2LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Decca

CAT NO: 4855038

BARCODE: 0028948550289



Side A
1. Atlas’ Push
2. Inside Our Perspectives
3. Out In Space
4. Juno’s Quiet Determination
5. Jupiter’s Intuition

Side B
6. Juno’s Power
7. Space’s Mystery Road
8. In The Magic Of Cosmos
9. Juno’s Tender Call
10. Juno’s Echoes
11. Juno’s Ethereal Breeze

Side C
12. Jupiter’s Veil Of Clouds
13. Hera / Juno Queen Of The Gods
14. Zeus Almighty

Side D
15. Jupiter Rex
16. Juno’s Accomplishments
17. Apo 22
18. In Serenitatem

VANGELIS – Juno To Jupiter

2LP – Heavyweight Black Vinyl

A multi-dimensional musical journey featuring real sounds from space and vocals from Angela Gheorghiu.

Vangelis’ orchestrations for this new album – with his characteristic use of synthesizers, bold brass riffs and expansive strings – convey a sense of mystery about life beyond our own world, and commemorate those who have dedicated their lives to understanding the final frontier and the secrets of our solar system.

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