VAN MORRISON - Moondance - LP - 180g Vinyl


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VAN MORRISON - Moondance - LP - 180g Vinyl

VAN MORRISON - Moondance - LP - 180g Vinyl




LP – 180g Vinyl

Van Morrison went a long way towards defining his wild Irish heart with his first two classic albums: the brooding, introspective Astral Weeks (1968), and the expansive, swinging Moondance. If the first was the work of a poet, its sequel was the statement of a musician and bandleader. Moondance is that rare rock album where the band has buffed the arrangements to perfection, and where the sax solos instead of the guitar. The band puts out a jazzy shuffle on Moondance and plays it soulful on These Dreams of You. The album includes both Morrison’s most romantic ballad (Crazy Love) and his most haunting (Into the Mystic). And it Stoned Me rolled off Morrison’s tongue like a favourite fable, while Caravan told a tale full of emotional intrigue. Moondance stood out in the rock world of 1970 like a grown up in a kiddie matinee.


1. And It Stoned Me

2. Moondance

3. Crazy Love

4. Caravan

5. Into The Mystic

6. Come Running

7. These Dreams Of You

8. Brand New Day

9. Everyone

10. Glad Tidings