VALKYRJA - Throne Ablaze - LP - Vinyl

Label: Peaceville SKU: 18046 Catalogue ID: VILELP944 Format: Vinyl
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VALKYRJA - Throne Ablaze - LP - Vinyl

VALKYRJA - Throne Ablaze - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Peaceville


BARCODE: 801056894410



1. In Ruins I Set My Throne ( 01:56 )
2. Crowned Serpent ( 03:52 )
3. Opposer Of Light ( 07:11 )
4. Tombs Into Flesh ( 05:45 )
5. Halo Of Lies ( 05:26 )
6. Transcendental Death ( 07:51 )
7. Paradise Lost ( 06:02 )
8. Throne Ablaze ( 08:54 )

VALKYRJA – Throne Ablaze

LP – 140g Black Vinyl
(Housed in a Gatefold Sleeve.)

Valkyrja, one of the prominent acts among the current Swedish black metal scene, was originally founded in 2004, with the common collective goal of channelling violence, deprivation and loathing through means of extraordinarily potent audio emissions; a parallel & extension of their own philosophies – boundless & without limitation in their art.

Throne Ablaze was the bands fourth studio album, originally released in 2018 and was a spectacular assault of finely honed Scandinavian black metal, steeped in ritualistic darkness and seething grimness. Upon release, the album was considered a highpoint for the band among an already highly revered repertoire, capturing the attention of the metal world with eight tracks of pure majestic malevolence, showing once more why Valkyrja is considered a prime force in todays black metal climate.

This edition of Throne Ablaze is presented on vinyl for the first time, including gatefold sleeve.

See below for tracklisting…