U2 - Boy (Remastered) - LP - 180g Vinyl
U2 - Boy (Remastered) - LP - 180g Vinyl
U2 - Boy (Remastered) - LP - 180g Vinyl

U2 - Boy (Remastered) - LP - 180g Vinyl

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U2 - Boy (Remastered) - LP - 180g Vinyl

U2 - Boy (Remastered) - LP - 180g Vinyl



LP - 180g Black Vinyl. Remastered with liner notes, photos & full lyrics.

Remaster of the debut studio album by U2, originally released in 1980. 'Boy' was recorded at Dublin's Windmill Lane Studios, which became U2's chosen recording location during the 1980s. It was their first time working with Steve Lillywhite, who employed unorthodox production techniques such as recording Larry Mullen Jr's drums in a stairwell, and recording smashed bottles and forks played against a spinning bicycle wheel. Thematically, the album's lyrics reflect on adolescence, innocence, and the passage into adulthood, themes represented on its cover through the photo of a young boy's face. The album features the single 'I Will Follow'.


Side One
1. I Will Follow  (3.37)
2. Twilight  (4.22)
3. An Cat Dubh  (4.46)
4. Into the Heart  (3.27)
5. Out of Control  (4.14)

Side Two
1. Stories for Boys  (3.02)
2. The Ocean  (1.35)
3. A Day Without Me  (3.13)
4. Another Time, Another Place  (4.32)
5. The Electric Co.  (4.46)
6. Shadows and Tall Trees  (5.13)