µ-Ziq - Goodbye - 12" EP - Vinyl

Label: Planet Mu SKU: 18660 Catalogue ID: ZIQ443 Format: Vinyl
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µ-Ziq - Goodbye - 12" EP - Vinyl

µ-Ziq - Goodbye - 12" EP - Vinyl



12″ EP – Black Vinyl

µ-Ziq says hello again with Goodbye. The six track EP is the first in a series of releases by Mike Paradinas this year, which are all centred around the 25th Anniversary Edition of Lunatic Harness, his classic 1997 album. Inspired by going back through the archives while he was remastering the Lunatic Harness reissue, Goodbye sees Mike revisiting the nineties, taking on jungle and its precursor jungle tekno and upgrading them with the benefit of hindsight and contemporary software. Imbued with Mike’s lush sense of melody and his knack for striking contrasts (don’t be shocked to hear maudlin piano, 303 and amens in the same track), Goodbye approaches these old genres like a sandpit, and stretches them in directions only Mike might take.


Side A:
1. Goodbye VIP
2. Giddy All Over
3. Moise

Side B:
1. Rave Whistle
2. Rave Whistle (Darkside Mix)
3. Rave Whistle (Jungle Tekno Mix)