THUMPER - Delusions Of Grandeur - 2LP - 180g Vinyl
THUMPER - Delusions Of Grandeur - 2LP - 180g Vinyl

THUMPER - Delusions Of Grandeur - 2LP - 180g Vinyl

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THUMPER - Delusions Of Grandeur - 2LP - 180g Vinyl

THUMPER - Delusions Of Grandeur - 2LP - 180g Vinyl



2LP – 180g Black Vinyl with printed inner sleeves.

THUMPER are ready to share their debut album ‘Delusions of Grandeur‘, building on a stellar run of singles and explosive live shows in Ireland and all over Europe.

Delusions of Grandeur‘ sees THUMPER in a reflective light as they evaluate their position in the wider world and consider the importance of other people’s perceptions. They question authenticity with respect to success and charge forward in the battle against pretentiousness. There’s no denying that these themes are self-involved and heady. Still, THUMPER carry it off effortlessly as the record swings like a pendulum between a light-hearted and playful tone and one that is also serious, delving deep into their psyche.

Overall, the album is delightfully moody, with distortion at every twist and turn. Fiery riffs sing throughout the body of work, and psychedelic sounds creep in as much as delicious 21st-century indie-rock does getting swept up by THUMPER’s explosive energy. They show no shame in writing catchy songs whilst still delivering ample fuzz. They admit that there’s nothing wrong with the post-punk revival ‘put the whole band in the studio’ sound- but why not take advantage of the resources available in the 21st century? Why not just make a barrier of sound? THUMPER are a band that breaks the sound barrier and where has all the indie-rock music gone? It’s back!

Every song is steeped in harmonies and layers upon layers of guitar, percussion and filthy, emotive synths, all the trimmings with barely any room to breathe. Carefully constructed key changes add an extra level of euphoria, keeping listeners on their toes.

Their philosophy is refreshing. THUMPER are keeping an open ear to musical trends and having a go at it if they feel so inclined. The album’s seventh track ‘Topher Grace’ is their attempt to emulate the ‘speak singing’ style that is going around. Still, they make it clear throughout their album that their penchant for melody and dynamic will forever reign. Tracks like ‘Greedy Guts‘ and ‘Strychnine‘ take down the pace, teasing their choruses with stripped back plucks and hums before songs like ‘The Loser‘ and ‘Ad Nauseum‘ deliver that THUMPER sound.

On Delusions of Grandeur, elements of Shame, Idles, or even Weezer can be heard. The band corner the noise-pop market, with a maximalist approach recalling at times Irish psych alumni My Bloody Valentine on Loveless or no wave veterans Sonic Youth on Daydream Nation. Nowhere is this recording process more apparent than on the record’s final act – the 20-minute Overbite Suite consisting of three songs. Overbite, The Ghost and Down in Heaven, an epic example of what a ‘song’ can be.

The album’s tracks range between a standard two and a half minutes and eight minutes in length, which, if anything, shows that the band are uncompromisingly making the music they want to make. They don’t just cater to tastemakers or trends. They’re just being THUMPER- and they’re having the time of their lives.

“Pop hooks and ragged guitar noises collide on THUMPER; bratty, frenetic punk rock.” – Q Magazine

“My highlight of Eurosonic, two drummers, making an epic noise on stage. Such a huge band. Really really massive sound.” – Abbie McCarthy, BBC Radio 1

“THUMPER are punching like heavyweights alongside Fontaines DC, The Murder Capital” – Chris Hawking, BBC Radio 6Music


1. Fear of Art
2. Ad Nauseam
3. 25

1. Greedy Guts
2. Strychnine

1. The Loser
2. Topher Grace

8. (i) Overbite
8. (ii) The Ghost
8. (iii) Down in Heaven