THOMAS HEADON - Victoria - 12" EP - Creamy Peach Vinyl

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THOMAS HEADON - Victoria - 12" EP - Creamy Peach Vinyl

THOMAS HEADON - Victoria - 12" EP - Creamy Peach Vinyl

€19.99 €9.99


 12″ – Limited Edition Creamy Peach Vinyl

(*Standard cover.)


Thomas Headon was born in London and raised in Melbourne but dreamt of moving back to the city to pursue music. Thomas’ mum told him he had a year to get a “proper job” otherwise he would have to return home. Arriving in London just before the pandemic hit, Thomas started to build a community online – blowing up on TikTok with 14.7M likes and over 400K followers to date – with his off-kilter live sessions, tongue-in-cheek charm and remarkable song writing ability.


Learning to write and produce on his own in his late teens, Thomas has already released a self-written and self-produced debut EP, ‘The Greatest Hits,’ and dropped The Goodbye EP last year, amassing 50M streams world-wide. All before his 21st birthday.


Thomas’ blend of playful alternative pop that speaks to the Gen-Z experience, has been compared to the likes of the 1975’s Matty Healy, and critically praised by Triple J, naming him a “seriously impressive force in pop music”.


1. Nobody Has to Know
2. How Do I Know?
3. Strawberry Kisses
4. Victoria
5. The Most Beautiful Thing