THE RESIDENTS - Our Finest Flowers - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]

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THE RESIDENTS - Our Finest Flowers - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]

THE RESIDENTS - Our Finest Flowers - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]



LP - Limited RSD23 Edition

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Never before on vinyl, and long out of print on CD - Classic 1992 20th Anniversary album, which saw The Residents rework lyrics, melodies and themes from their entire back catalogue into an album of new tracks.

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[RSD 2023 Exclusive Edition] 


1. Gone Again
2. The Sour Song
3. Six Amber Things
4. Mr. Lonely
5. Perfect Goat
6. Blue Tongues
7. Jungle Bunny
8. I'm Dreaming Of A White Sailor

1. Or Maybe A Marine
2. Kick A Picnic
3. Dead Wood
4. Baby Sister
5. Forty-Four No More
6. He Also Serves
7. Ship Of Fools
8. Be Kind To U-WEB Footed Friends