THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP - Possum (OST) - 2LP - Green Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

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THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP - Possum (OST) - 2LP - Green Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP - Possum (OST) - 2LP - Green Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

€32.99 €19.99


RELEASE DATE: July 17th, 2021
LABEL: Room 13
BARCODE: 5060384614328



01. ‘Verse 1 and Main Titles’
02. ‘Arrival Home’
03. ‘Smoke Balloons’
04. ‘Buried’
05. ‘Verse 2, Possum Sting and Undercurrent’
06. ‘Going In?’
07. ‘A Demonstration’
08. ‘Legs 1 and Forest 1’
09. ‘Legs 2 and Rumble’
10. ‘Forest 2 and Bag Opening’
11. ‘Marshland 1 / Anxiety’
12. ‘Marshland 2 / Verse 3 and Nightmare 1 / Bedfellows’
13. ‘The Fox Story’
14. ‘The Fox Story (alternative)’
15. ‘The Barracks’
16. ‘Newspaper / Stairs’
17. ‘Storybook’
18. ‘Helpless’
19. ‘The Photograph and Fox Return’
20. ‘Back From The Dead / Verse 4’
21. ‘Nightmare 2’
22. ‘Someone At The Door’
23. ‘News Report’
24. ‘Searching’
25. ‘Cracking Up’
26. ‘Pursuit’
27. ‘Verse 5 / Breakdown’
28. ‘Behind The Door / Mummy and Daddy / Possum-Man’
29. ‘Devastation’
30. ‘Arrival Home And A Demonstration (alternative)’
31. ‘The Fox Story (alternative 2)’
32. ‘The Barracks (alternative)’
33. ‘Storybook (alternative)’
34. ‘Helpless (alternative)’
35. ‘Pursuit (alternative)’
36. ‘Mummy and Daddy (alternative)’
37. ‘Devastation (alternative)’
38. ‘Opening Titles (early mix)’



2LP – Limited Edition Green Vinyl
(Only 500 copies pressed. Housed in Gatefold Sleeve with 16 Page Wire-Stitched Booklet.)


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Original soundtrack to a new British horror film by the pioneering UK electronic research lab. Astonishingly considering their 50 year career scoring for radio and television, this is the first time The Radiophonic Workshop have ever scored a feature film for theatrical release or collaborated on a major score together. They’ve risen to the challenge admirably, concocting a soundtrack that mixes pastoral flute with dread synth tones and bowed percussion that connects this to England’s hidden reverse of Coil as much as the masters of Italian Giallo soundtracks. Housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve designed by Julian House with sketchbook insert, the soundtrack includes all the cues from the feature film as well as 9 bonus tracks. The soundtrack features sound elements and drones from the Delia Derbyshire archives, the pioneering producer of the original Doctor Who signature tune. These sound elements, discovered in boxes of tapes in the late composer’s attic, have been restored and used in the foundations of the sound track and sound design.

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