THE LOST BROTHERS – Halfway Towards A Healing - CD


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THE LOST BROTHERS – Halfway Towards A Healing - CD

THE LOST BROTHERS – Halfway Towards A Healing - CD



THE LOST BROTHERS – Halfway Towards A Healing


If Irish duo The Lost Brothers ever did wander astray, their music suggests they ended up lost in the woodlands. Oisin Leech and Mark McCausland’s cabin in the woods-style folk music is built on whispering harmonies, deft acoustic fingerpicking and wispy melodies that comfortably fit next to the Simon and Garfunkel or Bonnie Prince Billy corner of your record collection. Not surprising as it is produced by Howe Gelb / Giant Sand. The band’s fifth album, Halfway Towards a Healing, echoes and creaks like old floorboards. The instrumentation on tracks such as Echoes in The Wind, a highlight, feel delicate in your hand – the guitar playing rarely revving up beyond the stronger strums of Cry for a Sparrow. The Lost Brothers do, though, occasionally deploy mariachi-style horns for extra flavour. Reigns of Ruin, for example, is an instrumental that could score a lonely cowboy’s slow horse ride towards America’s southern border. (The Irish Times)


A1 Echoes In The Wind
A2 Where The Shadows Go
A3 Come Tomorrow
A4 Cry For A Sparrow
A5 More Than I Can Comprehend
A6 Reigns Of Ruin
B1 Halfway Towards A Healing
B2 Songs Of Fire
B3 Summer Rain
B4 Iron Road
B5 Nothings Going To Change Me Now
B6 The Ballard Of A Lost Brother

LABEL: Bird Dog Recordings


BARCODE: 5024545800326