THE DOORS - Strange Days - LP - 180g Vinyl


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THE DOORS - Strange Days - LP - 180g Vinyl

THE DOORS - Strange Days - LP - 180g Vinyl




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Side One
1. Strange Days
2. You’re Lost Little Girl
3. Love Me Two Times
4. Unhappy Girl
5. Horse Latitudes
6. Moonlight Drive

Side Two
1. People Are Strange
2. My Eyes Have Seen You
3. I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind
4. When The Music’s Over

THE DOORS – Strange Days

LP – 180g Black Vinyl

Newly remastered 180 gram vinyl. the often difficult second album proved no issue for The Doors’ 1967’s ‘Strange Days’ reached gold status and hit number 3 on the Billboard Album chart. with an eerie backdrop provided by Ray Manzarek on organ duties, the quartet continued to explore the acid-rock frivolity of 1960’s California. Morrison’s ever obscure poetical lyricism lead to the creation of an album which has been hailed as one of the bands finest. the quirky ‘People Are Strange’ rubs shoulders with epic tracks such as ‘When The Music’s Over’ and ‘Moonlight Drive’ (which was in fact penned for their debut). A masterpiece which should be in every fans collection.