THE DODOS - Grizzly Peak - LP - Light Pink Vinyl

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THE DODOS - Grizzly Peak - LP - Light Pink Vinyl

THE DODOS - Grizzly Peak - LP - Light Pink Vinyl

€24.99 €11.99


LABEL: Polyvinyl


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1. Annie
2. Pale Horizon
3. With A Guitar
4. The Atlantic
5. Eyes Open
6. Sustainer
7. Sunrise/Sunset
8. Quiet Voices
9. Unicorn
10. The Surface

THE DODOS – Grizzly Peak

LP – Limited Edition Light Pink Vinyl
(Housed in a Deluxe Gatefold Jacket. Includes download code. )

Since 2006, The Dodos (singer and guitarist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber) have been careening, almost recklessly, towards some perfect ideal of how The Dodos should sound. First formed with the intention of creating a record that felt and sounded how the inside of a guitar might, the band have spent the intervening years sprinting towards that platonic goal. After widespread critical acclaim for their sophomore effort Visiter in 2008, the band toured incessantly for the next 10 years, playing countless venues all over the world including several performances on The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Now, The Dodos are back with their brand new album Grizzly Peak. Meditative and sometimes painful in its emotional excavation, over the course of ten anthemic, gorgeously-rendered tracks, Grizzly Peak reveals itself as that place Long and Kroeber were always desperately trying to find. Befitting a record that hits so close to The Dodos’ career-long goal, Grizzly Peak also serves as a love letter to the fans who have devoted their hearts to Long and Kroeber’s music.

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