THE CORONAS - True Love Waits - LP - Vinyl

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THE CORONAS - True Love Waits - LP - Vinyl

THE CORONAS - True Love Waits - LP - Vinyl




1. True Love Waits
2. Never Ending (On Your Side)
3. Lost In The Thick Of It
4. I Think We Jinxed It
5. Haunted
6. Cold
7. Brave
8. Heat Of The Moment
9. Find The Water
10. Need Your Presence
11. Light Me Up
12. LA At Night

LABEL: So Far Good Records

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THE CORONAS – True Love Waits

LP – Vinyl

Irish band The Coronas are back with True Love Waits, a powerful twelve-part album with a diverse array of songs, from the cheerful and wistful Lost In The Thick Of It, which features Gabrielle Alpin, to the raw LA At Night, the intense and cinematic final song and a personal favourite. The album doesn’t shy away from exploring emotion; it is curious and adventurous, it asks questions, it reflects, and it’s this depth that gives it such strength. This is an album that is destined to be played live to a crowd; songs like Heat Of The Moment and Light Me Up, which build up before exploding into colour, are just waiting to get a crowd going. And, despite our beloved music scene being temporarily halted, albums such as this one reiterate the gigs we have to be excited about when concerts make their grand return.