THE CLASH - The Clash - LP - 180g Vinyl

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THE CLASH - The Clash - LP - 180g Vinyl

THE CLASH - The Clash - LP - 180g Vinyl



LP - 180g Black Vinyl

The debut Clash album released in April 1977, one of the most important records ever released, not just in punk rock terms either. This was the Clash at their most potent punk rock best, before they went too reggae, r’n’b, rock ‘n’ roll and even bloated by the end. Check out Janie Jones, White Riot etc. Completely and absolutely essential.

Written and recorded over three weeks in February 1977 for a paltry £4,000, it would go on to reach No. 12 on the UK charts, and has been included on many retrospective rankings as one of the greatest punk albums of all time.


Side 1
1. Janie Jones
2. Remote Control
3. I’m So Bored With The USA
4. White Riot
5. Hate & War
6. What’s My Name
7. Deny
8. London’s Burning

Side 2
1. Career Opportunities
2. Cheat
3. Protex Blue
4. Police & Thieves
5. 48 Hours
6. Garageland