THE CHILLS - Submarine Bells - LP - Vinyl


Barcode: 809236155412

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THE CHILLS - Submarine Bells - LP - Vinyl

THE CHILLS - Submarine Bells - LP - Vinyl



THE CHILLS – Submarine Bells

LP – Black Vinyl

The Chills’ second album from 1990 is their much-praised major label debut that includes the effervescent, euphoric opener Heavenly Pop Hit. Back on vinyl for the first time in three decades, this much sought-after LP has finally been reissued on Fire Records – a super sweet moment of ear candy, perfect for rediscovery. Submarine Bells had folk-like rounds, brusque punk swagger, psychedelic hues and Phillipps’ off-kilter vocal; all accent, all attitude, soft, then hard. It made for a magnificent half hour plus, too good to transcend to the airwaves, so timeless it still simmers beautifully. A rich tapestry of sound with a nod to early Teardrop Explodes and a host of indie pop legends. There’s the nagging, incessant Familiarity Breeds Contempt midway through, and the glorious baroque pop of the closing title track.


Heavenly Pop Hit
Tied Up In Chain
The Oncoming Day
Part Past Part Fiction
Singing In My Sleep
Dead Web
Familiarity Breeds Contempt
Don't Be - Memory
Effloresce And Deliquesce
Sweet Times
Submarine Bells

LABEL: Fire Records


BARCODE: 809236155412