THE CHILLS - Kaleidoscope World (Expanded Edition) - 2CD [OCT 13]

Label: Fire Records Catalogue ID: FIRECD726 Format: CD
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THE CHILLS - Kaleidoscope World (Expanded Edition) - 2CD [OCT 13]

THE CHILLS - Kaleidoscope World (Expanded Edition) - 2CD [OCT 13]



2CD - Expanded Edition.  

The Chills reissue their celebrated early singles compilation, this 24-track expanded version of Kaleidoscope World gathers together tracks from the ‘Dunedin Double’ compilation, live recordings, ‘Doledrums’ single and the band’s seminal ‘Pink Frost’.

The collection also contains ‘The Lost EP’, with early takes on their groundbreaking ‘Submarine Bells’ album, alongside the aching ‘I Love My Leather Jacket’, perfectly illustrating the rollercoaster ride of Martin Phillipps and The Chills as portrayed in the award film The Triumph And The Tragedy Of Martin Phillipps.

Part of the 80’s extraordinarily vibrant and innovative independent music scene in New Zealand, The Chills became flag bearers, taking the Dunedin sound, as championed by the Flying Nun label, to the world. Long recognised as one of New Zealand's most influential bands, Kaleidoscope World is a definitive artifact from Martin Phillipps’ groundbreaking project. 

“Singer/guitarist Martin Phillipps’ group was at the forefront of the extraordinary little guitar-pop scene in New Zealand in the early ’80s.. Kaleidoscope World is the major document of their early era.” - Pitchfork

“This is what a living legend looks and sounds like” - Rolling Stone. 


1. Kaleidoscope World
2. Satin Doll
3. Frantic Drift
4. Rolling Moon
5. Bite
6. Flame Thrower
7. Pink Frost
8. Purple Girl
9. This Is The Way
10. Never Never Go
11. Don't Even Know Her Name
12. Bee Bah Bee Bah Bee Boe
13. Whole Weird World
14. Dream By Dream
15. Doldrums
16. Hidden Bay
17. I Love My Leather Jacket
18. The Great Escape
19. Oncoming Day (Early Version)
20. Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn (Unplugged)
21. Martyn's Doctor Told Me
22. I'll Only See You Alone Again
23. Green-Eyed Owl (Live)
24. Smile From A Dead Dead Face (Live)