THE BUDOS BAND – Burnt Offering - LP - Vinyl


Barcode: 823134003415

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THE BUDOS BAND – Burnt Offering - LP - Vinyl

THE BUDOS BAND – Burnt Offering - LP - Vinyl



THE BUDOS BAND – Burnt Offering

LP – Black Vinyl

Back on vinyl for the Budos Band’s 2014 Burnt Offering; a wild, booze-fueled ride of hazy riffs and take- no-prisoners horn lines that summons the occult – an evolved sound for this mighty 10-piece band sparked by their love of Black Sabbath and Pentagram. Burnt Offering was recorded live in the studio, engineered and produced by Tom Brenneck, a founding member and guitarist in The Budos Band who runs Dunham Records and Studios. It was written at the band’s longtime Staten Island studio, where they’ve gathered for weekly rehearsals for over fifteen years. The haunting album cover was created by drummer Brian Profilio, a NYC public school art teacher. The new album is dripping with the psychedelic sounds of early heavy metal fused with the tight- knit propulsion of Fela Kuti. The Sticks kicks off with a snarling riff seamlessly doubled on bass and guitar and unfurls into sludgy breakdowns and searing guitars.


Into The Fog
The Sticks
Shattered Winds
Black Hills
Burnt Offering
Trail Of Tears
Magus Mountain
Turn And Burn

LABEL: Daptone


BARCODE: 823134003415