TELEFIS - Special Report - 2CD [MAR 3]
TELEFIS - Special Report - 2CD [MAR 3]

TELEFIS - Special Report - 2CD [MAR 3]

Label: Dimple Discs SKU: Catalogue ID: DEEDEE017CD Format: CD
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Following the incredible acclaim at UK/Irish press and radio of the two Telefís albums in 2022 - a hAon and a Dó - and the tragic death of Cathal Coughlan in May, Jacknife Lee has collected all of the band’s remixes and alternate versions to create a commemorative companion piece called 'Special Report'.

A 22-track set across 2 CDs, 'Special Report' features a brand new Jacknife Lee intro and outro plus two previously unreleased mixes by Howie B. (Strawboy Supernova) and Jacknife Lee (The Age Of Cling)

Features the Summer’s big streaming hits "Falun Gong Dancer" with Jah Wobble and "Space Is Us", remixed by the mighty Basement Jaxx. Features remixes by luminary figures in electronic pop including Thomas Leer, Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode / Mute Records) and Emperor Machine (Andy Meecham a.k.a. Bizarre Inc.)

Though many of these mixes have previously been available on digital streaming platforms, none has ever been released on CD - until now!  

Electronic Sound Magazine - Telefís - a hAon and a Dó - joint albums of 2022.

Uncut Nov 2022 - 8/10 review -
"Cork's own twisted Scott Walker...continued to make dense, sour, transcendent music, right up to his death".

MOJO - Nov 2022 - 4-STAR review -
"Allusive, urgent, rich in ideas, it's a remarkable transmission".


CD One
01. Seo É Glór Na Teilifíse*
02. We Need (Dub)
03. Space Is Us (Basement Jaxx Mix)
04. Falun Gong Dancer with Jah Wobble
05. Mister Imperator (Maurice and Charles Remix - Edit)
06. There Goes Waterface (Voiced by Mrs. Hegarty)
07. The Age Of Cling (Cling Clang Version by Jacknife Lee)*
08. Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics (Thomas Leer Version)
09. Stock Photo Guy with A Certain Radio (U-Khu Mok RMX)
10. Ballytransnational (Voiced by Da and Esther)
11. Falun Gong Dancer with Jah Wobble (Dub)

CD Two
01. We See Showbands (Testimonial)
02. We Need (The Fetch Remix)
03. Picadors (Voiced by Auntie Joan)
04. Airstrip (An electroGenetic Remix by Gareth Jones)
05. Mister Imperator (Dub)
06. Strawboy Supernova (Madrid Metal by Howie B)*
07. Stock Photo Guy with A Certain Ratio (Emperor Machine Remix)
08. We Need (Jape Remix)
09. Falun Gong Dancer with Jah Wobble (Donkey’s Gudge Dub)
10. Mister Imperator (Maurice and Charles Remix)
11. Feed The Light (Version)*

*exclusive and previously unreleased tracks