SWANS - Filth (Remastered w/ 2 Posters) - LP - Vinyl

Label: MUTE SKU: 23135 Catalogue ID: STUMM376 Format: Vinyl
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SWANS - Filth (Remastered w/ 2 Posters) - LP - Vinyl

SWANS - Filth (Remastered w/ 2 Posters) - LP - Vinyl



LP - Black Vinyl. Includes 2 Posters & Digital Copy. (Remasterered 2014) 

Swans' debut album re-mastered and reissued on vinyl, including two reproduction live posters and download. The first in a series of re-mastered catalogue reissues. 'Filth' was originally released in 1983 and is an exhausting exercise in the art of noise terrorism and gruesome, destructive, hate-filled bashing of humanity. Still sounds as immense as the day it was originally released on Neutral Records


A1. Stay Here
A2. Big Strong Boss
A3. Blackout
A4. Power For Power

B1. Freak
B2. Right Wrong
B3. Thank You
B4. Weakling
B5. Gang