STEVE MARRIOTT & RONNIE LANE - The Majic Mijits (Remastered) - 2CD

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STEVE MARRIOTT & RONNIE LANE - The Majic Mijits (Remastered) - 2CD

STEVE MARRIOTT & RONNIE LANE - The Majic Mijits (Remastered) - 2CD




The two mainstays of The Small Faces team up one last time for an ill-fated album that had been considered nothing but myth for decades.

Legendary lost album recorded in the early 80’s and financed by Keith Richards was shelved due to the fact that Ronnie Lane had developed MS and therefore couldn’t tour the album. Was originally issued on CD in 1999 by NMC Music, however this album has been out of print since 2004.

Bonus CD features unreleased different takes (different to those issued by NMC) • Also features 3 unreleased live tracks by the duo at their one and only concert at London’s Bridge House, photos of this are included in the booklet.


Disc 1
1. Lonely No More
2. Chicken
3. Toe Rag
4. Bombers Moon
5. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl
6. Last Tango In Nato
7. How Does It Feel
8. That's The Way It Goes
9. You Spent It
10. Son Of Stanley Lane
11. Be The One
12. Ruby Jack
13. Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Live Bridge House)
14. My Girl (Live Bridge House)
15. All Or Nothing (Live Bridge House)

Disc 2
1. Last Tango In Nato (Take 3)
2. Toe Rag (Take 2)
3. That's The Way It Goes (Take 1)
4. How Does It Feel (Take 2)
5. You Spent It (Take 2)
6. Bombers Moon (Take 3)
7. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl (Take 2)
8. Ruby Jack (Take 1)
9. Lonely No More (Take 1)
10. Be The One (Take 1)
11. Beguine (Master)
12. Chicken (Take 1)
13. Last Tango In Nato (Take 1)
14. That's The Way It Goes (Take 2)
15. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl (Take 1)