STAIRSTEPS (AKA THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS) - 2nd Resurrection - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]

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STAIRSTEPS (AKA THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS) - 2nd Resurrection - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]

STAIRSTEPS (AKA THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS) - 2nd Resurrection - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]



LP - Limited RSD23 Edition

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Back on vinyl for the first time in since its original 1976 pressing, 2nd Resurrection by Stairsteps will be reissued on gold vinyl for RSD on Dark Horse Records, the label founded by George Harrison. Originally discovered by Curtis Mayfield, the band was previously known as The Five Stairsteps - famous for their hit song “O-o-h Child,” which saw new life recently after appearing in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Stairsteps were introduced to George Harrison by Billy Preston, who produced and played keyboards on 2nd Resurrection. The album also features contributions by Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil, known for their innovative synthesizer work with Stevie Wonder.

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A1. From Us To You
A2. Pasado
A3. Theme Of Angels
A4. Lifting 2nd Resurrection
A5. Time

B1. Thrownin' Stones Atcha
B2. Far East
B3. In The Beginning
B4. Tell Me Why
B5. Salaam"