SPENCER TUNE - Nightmare - 12" - Vinyl [RSD23]

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SPENCER TUNE - Nightmare - 12" - Vinyl [RSD23]

SPENCER TUNE - Nightmare - 12" - Vinyl [RSD23]



LP - Limited RSD23 Edition on Black Vinyl.

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This is the first reissue of "Nightmare" since 1989 and is in it's original 12" format. One of the earliest electro beat records, it has become increasingly more in demand for fans of the genre. Writer/producer Dizzie Dee (aka Danny Spencer) was prolific in the 90s, notably as co-member of Candy Flip and under other aliases on the electro and Balearic scenes. Co-writer of "Nightmare", Richard Scott has since extensively worked with Robbie Williams through to this day.

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[RSD 2023 Exclusive Edition] 


Side A: Nightmare (The Evil Maggot’s Revenge)

Side B: Nightmare (Maggot’s Over Antwerp)