SPANDAU BALLET - Through The Barricades (Remastered) - LP - 180g Red Vinyl

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SPANDAU BALLET - Through The Barricades (Remastered) - LP - 180g Red Vinyl

SPANDAU BALLET - Through The Barricades (Remastered) - LP - 180g Red Vinyl



LP – Limited Edition 180g Red Vinyl

(Includes Special Fold-out Poster with lyrics and photos.)

Through the Barricades, the fifth studio album by Spandau Ballet, originally released in November 1986. It reached number seven and remained on the UK album chart for 19 weeks. It produced three UK hit singles: “Fight For Ourselves” (#15), “How Many Lies” (#34) and the band’s final top ten hit, “Through the Barricades” (#6).

The lyrics to the title track were inspired by love prevailing over the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the death of a member of the crew in the Troubles.

“We had a guy called ‘Kidso’ (Thomas Reilly), who worked for us on merchandise during the True tour,” guitarist Gary Kemp explains. “He went back to Belfast after the tour and was killed. Kidso’s brother, Jim, who played drums for Stiff Little Fingers, subsequently took me along to see his grave and the song was inspired by walking down the Falls Road. I got to experience some of the emotion of that first-hand and it just stuck with me. I didn’t expect it to come out in the shape of a ‘Romeo-and-Juliet‘ sort of song, but it did.”

The composition has become a concert mainstay over the years, as Gary continues: “We were quite nervous about playing it in Belfast in the Eighties, but the reaction was incredible. I remember one guy on his mate’s shoulders, and the guy was crying and punching the air.” – Andrew Johnston, Belfast Telegraph

This seminal album has been fully remastered with the band and original producer Gary Langan, who has worked with the likes of Queen, The Art Of Noise, Seal, Yes, Billy Idol, ABC and many more.


Side A
1. Barricades (Introduction) (Remastered)
2. Cross the Line (Remastered)
3. Man in Chains (Remastered)
4. How Many Lies? (Remastered)

Side B
1. Virgin (Remastered)
2. Fight for Ourselves (Remastered)
3. Swept (Remastered)
4. Snakes and Lovers (Remastered)
5. Through the Barricades (Remastered)