SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM - Sophisticated Boom Boom - LP - Vinyl

Label: Tapete SKU: 18007 Catalogue ID: TR485LP Format: Vinyl
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SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM - Sophisticated Boom Boom - LP - Vinyl

SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM - Sophisticated Boom Boom - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Tapete


BARCODE: 4015698907292



Side A
1. Yeah Yeah Yeah
2. Boom Boom Rap
3. Jimmy Jimmy
4. Frustration
5. Trocadero
6. Beat Girls 1
7. Numa

Side 2
1. Boom Boom A Go Go
2. Dance With Me
3. Number One In Radio
4. Train To Boyscamp
5. Beat Girls 2
6. Ready To Dance
7. Out And On My Own

– Sophisticated Boom Boom

LP – Black Vinyl
(Also “playable mono”.)

When a band names itself after one of the best songs of one of the best bands of all time, namely “Sophisticated Boom Boom” by the Shangri-Las, that’s quite a statement. Or rather a promise. And Sophisticated Boom keep this promise on their singular self-titled album from 1982 originally released on Off Course Records, the label run by Swiss new wave royalty Grauzone and Stefan Eicher.

Sophisticated Boom Boom transported the Brill Building / Red Bird / Girl Group sound from the Sixties into the New Wave year of 1982. These 14 original compositions did not not lack in punk esprit and the band fell gloriously out of time in the jagged, slightly gloomy early Eighties. Their sound was probably too cheerful, too bubblegum and too life-affirming, and that’s probably why they stopped after just one album. After the end of Sophisticated Boom Boom, the no less great C86 / Power Pop band Chin Chin emerged from the ashes and released a compilation on Stephen Pastel‘s 53rd and 3rd Label.

Their uncomplicated, life-affirming songs, which, however, never slip into the embarrassingly banal, like so much else these days, but on the contrary have an astonishingly high standard and are all able to grab you spontaneously, stand in stark contrast to all the fashionably depressive sounds.

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