SOAP&SKIN - Narrow - LP - Vinyl [NOV 3]

Label: Spindizzy Catalogue ID: PIASR520LPR Format: Vinyl
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SOAP&SKIN - Narrow - LP - Vinyl [NOV 3]

SOAP&SKIN - Narrow - LP - Vinyl [NOV 3]



LP - Black Vinyl

The expression 'an old soul in a young body' has been attached to Anja Plaschg, aka Soap&Skin, more than once and, as she releases her new, entirely self-played and produced mini-album, Narrow, she again sounds wise beyond her years. When Anja Plaschg's father died suddenly of a stroke just a few months after she released her troubling, cathartic debut album Lovetune for Vacuum, the gifted young composer was thrown into a world of hurt that we as outsiders and listeners can only imagine. Her mini-album Narrow channels that pain and extreme sense of loss into seven new songs plus a cover of 'Voyage voyage' by cult '80s popstar Desireless.


1. Vater
2. Voyage Voyage
3. Deathmental
4. Cradlesong
5. Wonder
6. Lost
7. Boat Turns Toward The Port
8. Big Hand Nails Down
9. Jail