SLAYER - Show No Mercy (2021 Reissue) - CD

Label: Metal Blade Records SKU: 1237 Catalogue ID: 157912 Format: CD
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SLAYER - Show No Mercy (2021 Reissue) - CD

SLAYER - Show No Mercy (2021 Reissue) - CD



LABEL: Metal Blade Records

CAT NO: 157912

BARCODE: 039841579123



1. Evil Has No Boundaries
2. The Antichrist
3. Die by the Sword
4. Fight Till Death
5. Metal Storm/Face the Slayer
6. Black Magic
7. Tormentor
8. The Final Command
9. Crionics
10. Show No Mercy

SLAYER – Show No Mercy
(2021 Reissue)


Show No Mercy is the debut studio crusher by American thrash metal masters Slayer, originally released on December 3, 1983, by Metal Blade Records. Almost five months before Metallica released Kill ‘Em All, Metal Blade owner Brian Slagel saw Slayer open a show for Bitch at the Woodstock Theater in LA. Blown away, he asked the band if it would submit a track to his upcoming compilation album Metal Massacre III. They agreed and when he heard the song they turned in, “Aggressive Perfector,” Slagel offered Slayer a record contract. On Dec. 3, 1983, the band released its scorching debut, Show No Mercy.

Limited reissue on orange-red melt vinyl.

See below for tracklisting…