SHLOHMO - The End - 2LP - Pink Vinyl

Label: Friends of Friends SKU: 18315 Catalogue ID: FOF175LPC Format: Vinyl
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SHLOHMO - The End - 2LP - Pink Vinyl

SHLOHMO - The End - 2LP - Pink Vinyl



2LP – Limited Edition Pink Vinyl

(*Only 500 copies pressed in this edition.)


Shlohmo is acclaimed electronic producer, designer and composer Henry Laufer, a staple in the independent Los Angeles music scene since the release of his seminal Bad Vibes LP in 2011. His high profile collaborations with artists like Chance The Rapper, Jeremih, Joji and others as well as the Wedidit Collective (RL Grime, Ryan Hemsworth, D33J etc) in which he founded has and roots in the Low End Theory movement brought him international acclaim and a cult-like following clammering for The End, his third full-length and first since 2015.


“The album is vaguely about the end of the world, but from the viewpoint of smoking on the couch during the extinction event. Reading a nice book while the meteor hits. The fake peace of insularity during chaos,” he says about his new record. Dread and angst and an eery sense of calm merge together to create something truly special as this one of a kind artist takes his next step forward into his unique genre-defying depths.


A1. Rock Music
A2. The End
A3. Hopeless

B1. Eating Away
B2. Headache Of The Year
B3. Ungrateful
B4. Staring At The Wall

C1. We Sat In The Car
C2. Panick Attack
C3. Watching A Video

D1. The Best Of Me
D2. By Myself
D3. Still Life