SHARON CORR - The Fool And The Scorpion - LP - Vinyl

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SHARON CORR - The Fool And The Scorpion - LP - Vinyl

SHARON CORR - The Fool And The Scorpion - LP - Vinyl

€28.99 €14.99


LABEL: Rhino/Warner

CAT NO: 0190296739095

BARCODE: 0190296739095



The Fool and the Scorpion
Lend Me Your Shoulder
A Thousand Lives
Under a Daylight Moon
Running on Rooftops
My Beautiful
Tease Me
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Only You

SHARON CORR – The Fool And The Scorpion

LP – Black Vinyl

With two solo albums under her belt, Sharon looks ahead to her third studio album, The Fool and The Scorpion and features 10 brand new compositions. Sharon is famed for being the violin playing member of the hugely successful Irish pop-rock band The Corrs who sold in excess of 45 million albums, toured arenas and stadiums across the globe and became a household name on every continent. Driven by songwriting greats such as Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, Sharon drew from a period of time she calls “the biggest storm of her life” for the album’s inspiration. The 10-track album was recorded live in just 20 days at The Village in LA, with Larry Klein (Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell) on producing duties and Tim Pierce (Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Selena Gomez) on guitar. The album’s musicality highlights Sharon’s accomplishments as a multi-instrumentalist with over 30 years of songwriting behind her.

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