SAD NIGHT DYNAMITE - Sad Night Dynamite - 12" - Vinyl


Barcode: 0190295151201

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SAD NIGHT DYNAMITE - Sad Night Dynamite - 12" - Vinyl

SAD NIGHT DYNAMITE - Sad Night Dynamite - 12" - Vinyl



LABEL: Parlophone

CAT NO: 0190295151201

BARCODE: 0190295151201


1. Intro
2. Icy Violence
4. Mountain Jack
5. Krunk
6. Crying Over Nothing (Part II)
7. Skully
8. Smoke Hole
9. Mussel Bay (Outro)

SAD NIGHT DYNAMITE – Sad Night Dynamite

12″ – Vinyl

Hotly-tipped UK duo Sad Night Dynamite release their self-titled debut mixtape, which features ambitious first releases ‘Icy Violence’ and ‘Killshot’.

Playful, potent and bursting with potential, ‘Smokehole’ marks Sad Night Dynamite’s arrival as one of the UK’s most exciting new bands. Flitting between voices, a Dre Dre-inspired beat and the minimalist atmosphere of UK rap.

‘Smokehole’ offers a hazy view of Sad Night Dynamite’s debut mixtape, and a porthole into two of the more compelling new musical minds in the UK. Equal parts light and shade, dystopia and fantasy, it’s a project as much about the pleasures of getting lost as it is the at-times nightmarish world you dream of getting lost from. Epic first single ‘Icy Violence’ – loosely set on a beach, but also based on a kidnapping – established the band’s sometime-surreal storytelling (its followup, ‘Killshot’, was paired with a visual evoking the all-too-real reality of a surveillance state). That rare act who are as at ease with elements of G-Funk, the psychedelia of The Avalanches or classic, Tarantino-esque cinema scores as they are the loaded atmosphere of London subculture, the genre-bending pop at the heart of Sad Night Dynamite’s debut mixtape also begins to tell their own story for the first time. SND are the the product of one charged, brother-like friendship of Archie and Josh, a duo whose formative (and slightly feral) upbringing near Glastonbury eventually saw them start the band online, separated at university. What started out as a surreal exercise in escapism has, for Sad Night Dynamite, become all the more important now they complete this debut mixtape.

Sad Night Dynamite’s debut, self-titled mixtape introduces a band set to deliver a sound as explosive and evocative as their name implies- and just when we need it the most.