SABATON - The Art Of War (Re-Armed) - 2LP - White Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast Records SKU: 15789 Catalogue ID: 0727361264574 Format: Vinyl
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SABATON - The Art Of War (Re-Armed) - 2LP - White Vinyl

SABATON - The Art Of War (Re-Armed) - 2LP - White Vinyl



LABEL: Nuclear Blast

CAT NO: 0727361264574

BARCODE: 0727361264574



Side A

1. Sun Tzu Says
2. Ghost Division
3. The Art Of War
4. 40:1
5. Unbreakable

Side B

1. The Nature Of Warfare
2. The Cliffs Of Gallipoli
3. Talvisota
4. Panzerkampf

Side C

1. Union (Slopes Of St Benedict)
2. The Price Of A Mile
3. Firestorm
4. A Secret

Side D

1. Swedish Pagans
2. Glorious Land
3. Art Of War (pre-production demos)
4. Swedish National Anthem (Live At Sweden Rock Festival)

SABATON – The Art Of War (Re-Armed)

2LP – Limited Edition White Vinyl

The Re-Armed version of the album The Art of War, the fourth album by Swedish power metal kings Sabaton originally released in 2008.

This album is based on the writings of General Sun Tsu, the celebrated military tactician from ancient China. Just as Sun Tsu’s Art of War book has 13 chapters, each dealing with a different aspect of warfare, the album has 13 tracks – each telling of a different historical battle. Some of Sabaton’s most popular anthems, such as Ghost Division and 40:1, are found on this album.

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