SABATON - Metalizer (Re-Armed) - 2LP - White Vinyl

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Label: Nuclear Blast Records SKU: 23755 Catalogue ID: 0727361264475 Format: Vinyl
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SABATON - Metalizer (Re-Armed) - 2LP - White Vinyl

SABATON - Metalizer (Re-Armed) - 2LP - White Vinyl

€34.99 €19.99


LABEL: Nuclear Blast

CAT NO: 0727361264475

BARCODE: 0727361264475



Side A

1. Hellrider
2. Thundergods
3. Metalizer
4. Shadows

Side B

1. Burn Your Crosses
2. 7734
3. Endless Nights

Side C

1. Hail To The King
2. Thunderstorm
3. Speeder
4. Masters Of The World

Side D

1. Jawbreaker (Judas Priest cover)
2. Dream Destroyer
3. Panzer Battalion (demo version)
4. Hellrider (live in Vasteras 2006).

SABATON – Metalizer (Re-Armed)

2LP – Limited Edition White Vinyl

The Re-Armed version of the album Metalizer, the third album by Swedish power metal kings Sabaton originally released in 2007.

Sabaton’s third official release was in fact the first studio album they recorded, but release was delayed until two years after Primo Victoria. Written before Sabaton adopted the theme of war, the lyrics for this album deal with more typical “metal” themes ranging from Lord of the Rings (Shadows) to the band’s love of metal and its fans (Masters of the World).

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