ROBERT LEVON BEEN - Original Songs From The Card Counter - LP - Vinyl

Label: Epizootic SKU: 19892 Catalogue ID: EPZTC001LP Format: Vinyl
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ROBERT LEVON BEEN - Original Songs From The Card Counter - LP - Vinyl

ROBERT LEVON BEEN - Original Songs From The Card Counter - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Epizootic


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01. Rapture
02. Murder Hum
03. Mercy Rev
04. Arise Sun
05. S.E.R.E.
06. Adore
07. Casino Floor 1 (Beta Testing)
08. Casino Floor 2 (Stable)
09. Smoke Ring
10. Erutpar
11. Determined Events
12. OPM
13. Mercy Of Man (featuring S.G. Goodman)


– Original Songs From The Card Counter

LP – Black Vinyl
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LOS ANGELES (August 26, 2021) – Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Robert Levon Been, has released a new original song, “Mercy Of Man,” from his forthcoming album, The Card Counter: Original Songs From The Motion Picture.

Mercy Of Man” was written by Levon Been for the emotionally-climactic last scene of the film and end title theme. Levon Been also composed several other original songs as well as a majority of the score for writer and director Paul Schrader’s new film, The Card Counter, starring Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan, Wilem Dafoe and executive produced by Martin Scorsese. Been’s compelling music for the film includes several original songs and is deeply integrated into the picture.

Schrader reached out to Levon Been last year about writing the end title theme for The Card Counter. What started off as a one-song project evolved into writing multiple songs used in the film as well as contributing much of the instrumental score and sound design.

“Ironically this entire project began by working the last scene of the film first,” says Levon Been. “Paul had reached out asking if I would write an original song for a very intimate final scene he had been struggling with. As tempting as the concept was, I must admit that kind of composing is also my biggest fear – to write directly to picture with such precision that it takes over the narrative in a substantial way, which I knew Paul never shies away from. It also turned me into a nervous wreck because I know just how easy it is to quickly ruin a movie with merely a single lyric at the wrong time. Thankfully for ‘Mercy Of Man,’ I had S.G. Goodman there in NY singing with me to help experiment with how to create a fairly unconventional duet of sorts that is intended to evoke the emotions of the two characters in that final scene.”

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