ROB HALFORD - Resurrection - 2LP - 180g Gatefold Vinyl

Label: Century Media SKU: 16643 / 24100 Catalogue ID: 19549792420 Format: Vinyl
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ROB HALFORD - Resurrection - 2LP - 180g Gatefold Vinyl

ROB HALFORD - Resurrection - 2LP - 180g Gatefold Vinyl



LABEL: Century Media

CAT NO: 19549792420

BARCODE: 195497924202



“Made in Hell”
“Locked and Loaded”
“Night Fall”
“Silent Screams”
“The One You Love to Hate” (feat. Bruce Dickinson)
“Slow Down”

ROB HALFORD – Resurrection

2LP – 180g Black Vinyl
(Housed in a Gatefold Sleeve)

More than 20 years after its initial release in 2000, Rob Halford’s first fan-hailed solo album Resurrection finally celebrates its well deserved repress on vinyl. The classic debut album from Judas Priest’s charismatic vocalist – featuring the likes of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson and producer Roy Z – will be exclusively available as Gatefold Black LP on 2x180g vinyl.

This classic piece is a must have for all fans of Heavy Metal from the UK – don´t miss that one out! You know the name, right? Come on, if you have any interest in heavy metal, then Rob Halford will immediately strike a chord. The charismatic, vocally soaring star who fronted one of the almighty bands of the genre – Judas Priest.

Now doesn’t the mere mention of their hallowed name send sharp shards of anticipation straight through your metal heart?! Doesn’t the recollection and recognition of Halford’s pre-eminent place in the history of the music we all love with a passion, and send you racing for that tennis racket, as you take aim for the goldfish bowl and let out one of those trademark screams. ‘Screaming For Vengeance‘?! Yeah, the stuff of dreams, the nectar of heritage… Except that right now, Rob Halford stands four-square to the winds of millennial music, facing up to the challenge and demands of the age.

“The album we’ve recorded is called Resurrection and for me this is a golden moment. It represents all the things I do best. I feel totally comfortable with the record,” enthuses the man himself. “It has a lot of energy and power. This is an album full of all the right ingredients. I believe it’s a great metal album”.

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