RICK ASTLEY - Are We There Yet? - LP - Clear Vinyl [OCT 6]

Label: BMG Catalogue ID: 4050538940299 Format: Vinyl
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RICK ASTLEY - Are We There Yet? - LP - Clear Vinyl [OCT 6]

RICK ASTLEY - Are We There Yet? - LP - Clear Vinyl [OCT 6]



LP - Clear Vinyl 

‘Are We There Yet?’ is the new, long-awaited album from Rick Astley via BMG. His ninth studio album overall, it’s the third in a row of which Astley has written, recorded, played, and produced himself at his home studio in London. Featuring the single ‘Dippin My Feet’, an invigorating twist on his signature style, ‘Are We There Yet?’ is the sound of Rick reflecting and building upon the experiences he’s gone through since the release of 2018’s ‘Beautiful Life’. After a 56-date tour with New Kids On The Block, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, and En Vogue in 2022, he will be embarking on a tour of his own post his 2023 Glastonbury debut, starting in November and going into February 2024. Astley is still winning over new fans, whether he’s performing with Foo Fighters, Take That, or Blossoms; becoming an unlikely social media sensation; or simply embracing the unending love that greets his era-defining smash ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, featured in the hit series Ted Lasso and reaching over 1 billion views on YouTube. Over three decades into his musical career, including two #1 albums, Rick Astley is here to stay.


Side A
1. Dippin My Feet
2. Letting Go
3. Golden Hour
4. Never Gonna Stop
5. Close (Your Shoes)
6. High Enough

Side B
1. Forever and More
2. Driving Me Crazy
3. Maria Love
4. Take Me Back to Your Place
5. Waterfall
6. Blue Sky