RIAN TREANOR - File Under UK Metaplasm - LP - Vinyl

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Barcode: 5055869565813

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RIAN TREANOR - File Under UK Metaplasm - LP - Vinyl

RIAN TREANOR - File Under UK Metaplasm - LP - Vinyl

€22.99 €11.99


LABEL: Planet Mu


BARCODE: 5055869565813



1. Hypnic Jerks
2. Vacuum Angle
3. Mirror Instant
4. Metrogazer
5. Closed Curve
6. Opponent Process
7. Debouncing
8. Metaplasm
9. Orders From The Pausing





RIAN TREANOR – File Under UK Metaplasm

LP – Black Vinyl

Rian Treanor returns to Planet Mu for his raw and energetic second album File Under UK Metaplasm. The enigmatic, sweaty energy of Tanzanian singeli and Chicago footwork are juxtaposed with slick, high-def bass weight which sits at the centre of the album. Opening track Hypnic Jerks is the perfect example of this, with crinkled percussive loops cut through by machine-gun kicks and acidic wobbles. Elsewhere, Vacuum Angle takes Sheffield’s Warp-ed legacy and brings it crashing into the future, with rhythms collapsing into static and noise but never deconstructing or losing the flow. Debouncing meanwhile folds gliding square synths into rattling dancehall kicks, joining the dots between SND, Equiknoxx and Wiley with a neon Sharpie. “It’s using all those formulaic dance structures but just slightly mangled or messed up,” he says. “I’m still focused on making dance music for clubs, but how far can you push that before it’s just no.”