PINK FLOYD - Animals - LP - Vinyl


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PINK FLOYD - Animals - LP - Vinyl

PINK FLOYD - Animals - LP - Vinyl



PINK FLOYD – Animals

LP – Black 180g Vinyl – Stereo Remastered

The Pink Floyd classic now appears as a remastered re-release on black vinyl.

Embedded in the short ‘Pigs on the Wing’ compositions, the tenth Pink Floyd album ‘Animals’ released in 1977 describes capitalist society via three mammoth songs, divided into the categories of pigs, sheep and dogs that are freely based on George Orwell’s novel.


A1 Pigs On The Wing 1
A2 Dogs
B1 Pigs (Three Different Ones)
B2 Sheep
B3 Pigs On The Wing 2

LABEL: Pink Floyd Records


BARCODE: 190295996963