PIANO MAGIC - Artists' Rifles (2023 Reissue) - LP - Vinyl

Label: Rocket Girl SKU: 27700 Catalogue ID: RGIRL19LPRE Format: Vinyl
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PIANO MAGIC - Artists' Rifles (2023 Reissue) - LP - Vinyl

PIANO MAGIC - Artists' Rifles (2023 Reissue) - LP - Vinyl



LP - Limited Edition Black Vinyl Repress. Only 500 copies being pressed.  

Baroque post-rock classic’s first time on vinyl since its original release in 2000. Originally released on Rocket Girl in 2000, Piano Magic’s third album proper heralded a seismic and surprising shift away from its more electronic predecessors, Popular Mechanics and Low Birth Weight. Artists’ Rifles is Piano Magic’s first band-band album and marks their debut, actual recording studio appearance. Improvised on the spot and produced / recorded over just five days by John A. Rivers (Dead Can Dance, Felt), at his Woodbine St Studios in Leamington Spa, stylistically, the record could feasibly be described as the first (only?) baroque post-rock record, utilising as it does, consciously or otherwise, influences as broad as Bach and Codeine.


A1. (1.16) [1:16]
A2. No Closure [5:11]
A3. A Return To The Sea [5:04]
A4. (1.22) [1:22]
A5. You & John Are Birds [5:55]

B1. The Index [3:30]
B2. (1.50) [1:50]
B3. Century Schoolbook [3:47]
B4. Password [7:09]
B5. Artists' Rifles [4:22]