OF MICE & MEN - Tether - CD [OCT 6]

Label: Nuclear Blast Records Catalogue ID: 4065629705121 Format: CD
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OF MICE & MEN - Tether - CD [OCT 6]

OF MICE & MEN - Tether - CD [OCT 6]




Tether is the next step in Of Mice and Men’s evolution, combining their core sound with experimental and ethereal sound designs. The creative process focused on the excitement of discovery rather than preconceived “goals.” Pursuing the moments when the elusive “x factor” reveals itself in the songs. Those moments are palpable in songs like “Integration,” “War Paint,” “Enraptured,” and “Indigo.”

The Of Mice and Men core since 2016 – Aaron, Alan, Tino, and Phil – maintain a powerful bond with their audience and each other, no matter the obstacles. Whether a powerful anthem or atmospheric confession, their songs translate in intimate clubs and massive festivals. “It’s about creating moments for people,” Pauley says. “Music is the soundtrack to people's lives.”


1. Integration
2. Warpaint
3. Shiver
4. Eternal Pessimist
5. Into The Sun
6. Enraptured
7. Castaway
8. Tether
9. Indigo
10. Zephyros