NILS FRAHM - Graz (Erased Tapes Reissue) - LP - Vinyl

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NILS FRAHM - Graz (Erased Tapes Reissue) - LP - Vinyl

NILS FRAHM - Graz (Erased Tapes Reissue) - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Erased Tapes


BARCODE: 3700551783519



1. Lighter
2. O I End
3. Because This Must Be
4. Kurzum
5. And Om
6. Hammers
7. Crossings
8. About Coming and Leaving
9. Went Missing


[Erased Tapes 2021 Reissue]

LP – Black Vinyl

Piano Day 2021 sees Nils Frahm surprise the world with his Erased Tapes debut. Wait, what? How? Anyone who has seen the trail blazing sonic pioneer live will know Nils likes to deadpan a joke. Graz is in fact the first studio album he recorded for the label back in 2009, that somehow remained a secret… until now.

Graz is a moment of time at the very beginning of Nils’ quiet revolution. The essential genius is already evident; the harmonic language of classical, and the immediacy of jazz. Nils seems to pull down each idea moment by moment, gently, to not scare away the muse.

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