NEWDAD - Madra - LP - Black Vinyl [JAN 26]
NEWDAD - Madra - LP - Black Vinyl [JAN 26]

NEWDAD - Madra - LP - Black Vinyl [JAN 26]

Label: Atlantic Catalogue ID: 5054197703690 Format: Vinyl
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NEWDAD - Madra - LP - Black Vinyl [JAN 26]

NEWDAD - Madra - LP - Black Vinyl [JAN 26]



LP - Standard Black Vinyl Edition

Irish alt-rock collective NewDad release their debut album, Madra on Fair Youth / Atlantic. Awash with spiralling guitars and a hypnotic bassline, singer/guitarist Julie Dawson finds inspiration in TV show Euphoria, as she ruminates on the destructive relationship of characters Rue and Jules: a storyline that she herself gravitated towards.

Madra (meaning “dog” in Irish) is an 11-song, guitar-stacked visceral outing, as singer/guitarist Julie Dawson embarks on a journey of self-exploration, self-sabotage, and reflection. Soaked in dysfunction, Madra searches for solace in pain, tackling themes of bullying (‘Where I Go’), self-medication/depression (‘Madra’, ‘Let Go’), destruction (‘Change My Mind’, ‘White Ribbons’), co-dependency (‘Nosebleed’) and resistance (‘Nightmares’). The album artwork, photographed by Irish creative, Joshua Gordon, shows a broken doll that serves as a metaphor for the album’s themes of fragility and vulnerability.

The album finds NewDad reconnect with their musical roots, digging deep into the shoegaze/rock sonics that soundtracked their formative years (the band cite Pixies, The Cure and Slowdive as some of their biggest early influences), together with glimmers of indie/pop that harks back to their earlier material: ‘Waves EP’ (2021) and ‘Banshee EP’ (2022). Written in their home city of Galway, Ireland, before the band moved to London this year, and recorded at the legendry Rockfield Studios (Black Sabbath, Queen), the album has been produced by NewDad’s long-time collaborator Chris Ryan (Just Mustard) and mixed by Alan Moulder (The Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Wet Leg). Bound together by Julie’s ghostly vocal - a vessel for her weighty, introspective songwriting – Madra firmly marks NewDad as one of Ireland’s most promising debut guitar bands.


1. Angel
2. Sickly Sweet
3. Where I Go
4. Change My Mind
5. In My Head
6. Nosebleed
7. Let Go
8. Dream Of Me
9. Nightmares
10. White Ribbons
11. Madra