NEGATIVLAND - The World Will Decide- 2LP - Vinyl


Barcode: 753762003412

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NEGATIVLAND - The World Will Decide-  2LP - Vinyl

NEGATIVLAND - The World Will Decide- 2LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Seeland


BARCODE: 753762003412



1. Unlawful Assembly
2. Content
3. Before I Ask
4. Why Are We Waiting
5. Create The Visitor
6. We Can Really Feel Like We’re Here
7. More Data
8. I Didn’t Know I Was Dead
9. Failure
10. Don’t Don’t Get Freaked Out
11. Anything Else
12. Attractive Target
13. Open Your Mouth
14. Incomprehensible Solution
15. The World Will Decide

NEGATIVLAND – The World Will Decide

2LP – Vinyl

Negativland’s mirror image sequel to last year’s True False, The World Will Decide turns the focus away from the very human inability to accurately define reality, and towards the technologies being built to do a better job at it. But if sorting true from false seemed like a full time job back when all one had to keep track of was one’s own mind, life alongside the machines built to connect everyone only seems to multiply the uncertainties. On The World Will Decide, those uncertainties are made almost deliriously danceable: a netweb of densely sampled voices melting speech back down into music and back again, into what everyone can agree are the real questions – did that firefly really land on your finger? Would you like to be arrested? Does this app connect you to people, or replace them? Is this post an example of inauthentic behaviour? Do people have to die? Or, as one of the many sampled voices on

this work assures the listener: we can really feel like we’re here.