NEALO - November Medicine - LP - Red Vinyl
NEALO - November Medicine - LP - Red Vinyl

NEALO - November Medicine - LP - Red Vinyl

Label: Dog House Recordings SKU: 28902 Catalogue ID: DHOO1 Format: Vinyl
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NEALO - November Medicine - LP - Red Vinyl

NEALO - November Medicine - LP - Red Vinyl



LP - Limited Edition Red Vinyl. 

November Medicine is the record that pulled Nealo out of the basement. It was hard won, dragged out of himself during a particularly difficult period in his life. While his debut album was a celebration of learning to love and contribute to the neglected city he was born into, his sophomore LP taught him how to love himself, how to celebrate himself. Across nine songs and four voice notes, Nealo lays everything out. With a voice that’s smoked a million cigarettes and screamed through a hundred hardcore shows he offers up himself, the end of his ten year relationship, his depression and his determination to heal. His honesty is severe and his tone is warm.

Collaboration is at the heart of this record, and feels like a guiding philosophy for the Nealo project. We hear his spirit repair as friends lend a voice, a word and a shoulder. Morgana enters first in ‘Forest’, counting steps to get through the winter. Jehnova’s bars on ‘Tears You Cry’ sound like a soothing friend, tired from picking up the pieces but ever reliable “Everything connected on a level based on frequency”. Rebel Phoenix’s raw and reassuring tones promise new seasons beginning until a burst of joy in the form of ‘Cereal’, the song which wears itself the lightest, feels as though the gang is back together, “looking for a miracle”.

November Medicine, which begins in the basement, ends in the urban expanse of Blanch. Only Human, the final track, is the weather vane on the top of the highest house in the suburbs. It promises love in all forms; for oneself, for family, for the graves and for the children. This is more than a record, it is a reckoning with what it means to be a father, a son, a friend, an ex husband and a good person. What is always there, beneath the shouts and intricate wordplay is a desire to rebuild, to grow further towards the sun. There seems to be a promise; that Nealo will continue to take his November Medicine.


1. Love Ya
2. Absent Hearted
3. Spirit Totem
4. Forest Feat. Morgana
5. On Blanch Interlude
6. Tears You Cry Feat. Jehnova
7. I Know Feat. Shiv
8. What Colour Would Our Friendship Be? Feat. Rebel Phoenix
9. Bucko, Wilbur, Frankie & The Acid (interlude)
10. Cereal Feat. Morgana, Rach & Uly
11. Rosemary
12. Tiny Birds Interlude
13. Only Human

LIVE: Ireland Music Week this week. Show at 9.20 Friday 6th October in Tengu. 
Cold Summit Halloween Party Tuesday October 31st in the Big Romance. 
Whelans Headliner 17th November