NAS - Made You Look - 7" - Vinyl


Barcode: 7119691266879

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NAS - Made You Look - 7" - Vinyl

NAS - Made You Look - 7" - Vinyl



NAS – Made You Look

7″ – Black Vinyl

Nas has had a career of generally consistent excellence, punctuated with a few lulls. He’s an incredibly skilled rapper sometimes accused of having a tin ear when it comes to choosing beats – especially on albums (and the entirety of ‘Illmatic’ aside, obviously). Made You Look was a shot in the arm for Nas at a time when he’d shed some of his core, street fanbase. After the unfocussed Nastradamus and I Am… albums he’d had a return to some kind of form with Stillmatic, but many felt he came off second best in the ensuing battle with Jay Z.

This single, a club and street classic almost from the moment it dropped, is exactly what he needed to reconnect with his fans and to show he could still throw down.


Made You Look (Explicit Version) / Made You Look (Instrumental Without Guns)

LABEL: Columbia


BARCODE: 7119691266879